Going for a walk is always the answer…

Hello all!!!!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! I don’t know why I am up so early, I tried to fall back asleep but my mind just kept racing with everything I needed/wanted to get done and this blog post was one of them!

This is my very first blog post and I feel as though I have kept putting it off for too long maybe because I was worried it wasn’t going to be what I wanted it to be. But, I’m over it and I really just want to actually start blogging so here I am. giphy.gif

This week was pretty busy between work and getting things done around the apartment & it just seems that things keep piling up even though I’m finished school now. I thought once school was done my life would be a lot easier! Which- it is but now there’s other things to worry about like choosing between different career paths and which bank I want to bank with, and how much I can spend on groceries a week blah blah blah … adult stgiphy-downsizeduff.

It really isn’t that bad, it’s really just about spending your time wisely and having a schedule (which I need and want to have). So I’m opening it up to anyone to let us know how you plan your week, how you set it up and any suggestions on how you achieve your goals and expectations in life lol.

Shan & I and our lads didn’t even get the chance to hangout this weekgiphy-downsized (1)
& I feel like my week was a lot shittier because of it. Last week we spent a couple of days
together and it made the week a lot BETTER because we had the chance to go for walks and talk about the summer and the list could go on about all the fun things we have lined up to do (which we will be sharing with you at some point). Plus I had some girl time!!

Girl time is very important in a relationship so I have learned. When Mike and I first started dating we spent every free second we had with each other. Then when I went to school away from home our time together was very limited and almost non-existent but it was good for our relationship because it helped us learn that we don’t need to be together all the time to maintain a healthy relationship. When I moved back home eventually we got back into the routine of always being together because it is very hard in the relationship world to find friends that want to hangout with you as a couple let alone find people who you actually WANT to hangout with.

It is very nice to have a companion who you can spend every second with and not get sick of but time with other people is IMPORTANT. We have a lot in common with Shannen and Brad and hanging out with them has been awesome because I still feel like I am hanging out with Michael but I’m also having my girl time. Maybe in the future I will write a better post on that subject because hanging out with people that are cool and awesome that you genuinely want to hangout with and have things in common with is so nice. Anyways….

Last week we got to go for a walk with them and it was much needed. I had just had a long day at work and didn’t even feel like leaving the house –

but I am so happy I did! Walks are always the answer.

When you’re bored – go for a walk.

When you’re stressed – go for a walk.

When you’ve had a bad day – go for a walk.

I felt so much better after spending time with them and just walking around without a destination.


source: https://www.fix.com/blog/walking-fitness-plan/ or click the picture!

Now that it’s getting warmer we are all looking forward to planning bike trips and doing more things outdoors.

Anyways… that is all for now but thank-you for reading if you made it this far and congratulations to me for finally posting.


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