Em just put on an amazing song and we are hanging out in the apartment that she shares with Michael. Michael and my Brad are out on a walk/bike ride/longboard… restless adventure, while Em and I talk blog posts, diy ideas and even some video ideas for a potential YouTube channel. 

We’ve decided to just jump in to our ideas and start doing the things we love. 

Tonight we decided to go through Em’s old art and sketches. We were both really inspired by the creativity that was flowing through our conversation and decided to start writing our ideas down. We were excited enough that the guys joined in and we ended up doodling together. 

We decided to swap papers after a minute of doodling, and decided to call it doodle swapping. Each person would take a minute to DOODLE, then swap paper as each minute goes by and stop when you get your original paper back…

These were our results 

This was a really fun exercise and it was quite therapeutic! Brad is a social service worker and this is an exersice he used in group sessions to build stronger relationships and develop further conversation. It was great and we would like to continue to create pictures like this! 
I hope everyone is a little inspired by our fun filled doodle night! 

***also!!!! Let us know if you think anyone would be interested in prints of our artwork (doodles and other)*** we would love to start showing our art to the world and I think this would be a great place to start! Helpful hints or tips would be great!! Thanks!! ❤


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