Meal Prep Tuesday

Hey guys!!

Hope you are enjoying the beautiful weather!! Summer is finally here and we are enjoying ourselves for sure!

Yesterday was an amazing day, we all made our way to the private beach near Brad’s house. Michael and Brad biked while Shan and I drove.embarassed.gif

Yes we both could have biked but we HAD to go to scholars choice to brouse about all their teacher accessories!! How fun… I know we’re kinda lame but we’re definitely okay with it. Being in their sparked our inner childness – PLUS we had to make a much needed stop to Timmie’s for an icecap.

timmies.gif (actual footage of our excitement for icecaps.)

It was a wonderful day.. so thankful for our friendship.

Anyways today is now Tuesday.. almost hump day and I am trying to get organized and reset. Laundry is done, dishes are done and now some meal prep planning and maybe even some weekly planing. One thing you should know about me is that I am a cook and LOVE food. I am constantly chasing new and exciting healthy recipes. I went to school for culinary management and graduated this April and now I am just swimming down the river of endless possibilities (more blog posts to come on my love for nutrition & fitness).

Meal prepping is one of my FAVOURITE activities. Its planning out a menu for your week – super important for organization in my life. I really should have done my meal prep on Sunday…. but its okay and I am starting today. Better late than never right?

I like to get out a piece of paper and jot down the recipes I have chosen for my meals and split the page to also show my grocery list. Here is a picture of one in progress… I will post a completed version once I am finished. 18817531_10154835189337515_2059292804_o.jpg lol… very simple but that’s all it takes!! I like to change up what I eat every week and I am always looking for new recipes so please share your all time fave recipes with us!

In my next post I will link you to all the recipes I used this week as well!


Until then… enjoy your day! Remember to take time to embrace the little things 🙂


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